What do you do, when you love your Bentley Continental GT so much, that you want to take it with youon the annual bush trip? Well, why not approach this small company in the hamlet of Sutherland, South Africa’s coldest town. What comes out of there is even cooler. Glamotion Limited turns your Continental into an Inter-Continental. I went for a conti-mental spin.
Photos: Irina Mink & Dieter Losskarn
People are not just turning their heads, they stop in their tracks. Awestruck. This Bentley Continental GT in heels has enormous street cred. Definitely not something for the shy kind.
Out of Sutherland comes the Mad Max-style Inter-Continental. Created and build by Glamotion Limited (glamotion@hobrains.com) in exclusive, not mass-produced numbers. They took a first generation Bentley Continental Grand Tourer and turned it into an adventurer, ready for Kalahari, Namib or Okavango Delta. They fitted 285mm wide 21inch wheels, adjusted the wheel arches accordingly, raised the suspension and doubled the pressure of the air shocks. The brutally sexy vehicle is still using the electronic management system of the Bentley, allowing for adjustment of height as well as control of the ride quality.
And its surprisingly smooth on road. With those knobbly tyres, I would have expected a much rougher ride. It can do off road, especially sand dunes with ease, thanks to all-wheel drive and the enormous torque of the engine, while still remaining a smooth riding luxury car.
Glamotion offers different options of roof racks, accessories , headlight bars, sand pads, jerrycans and different tyre profile options. One customer is currently going for a camouflage paint job with canvas seats inside. And a security company is interested in two bullet-proof matte-black versions for VIP transport.
The question most frequently asked, when I stopped Ben Interconti, was: ‘How much?’. Well, it obviously doesn’t come cheap. As shown in the pics the Inter-Continental will set you back about R1.6 mio. And Glamotion isn’t planning on leaving it there. They already have uplifting ideas for other luxury brands. Watch this space.

Sales Agent for South Africa:

Laude Classic Cars
Clinton Laurens
120 Buitengracht St.
Cape Town