AMG’s four-door limousine, the GT 53, is a beautiful performance limousine, with impressively smooth performance and a stirring soundtrack. Its evil twin is the GT 63 S. Which is probably the most hardcore Mercedes-Benz mix of performance, family car and bling I ever encountered.

The very first 100% AMG car was the magnificent SLS Coupé with the legendary gull wing doors, paying homage to the iconic Mercedes 300 SL from 1955. Accompanied by the beautiful SLS AMG convertible. The stunning SLS was built in different versions between 2010 and 2014.
One year later, the slightly more ‘affordable’ GT was the second pure AMG car. Several derivatives followed, including this silver performance limousine in front of me, the GT 53. The first four-door, four-seater AMG Coupé. The Panamera rival comes with a 48 volt electrical system, offering what AMG calls an EQ boost, just to avoid the description ‘mild hybrid’ in connection with their brand. This starter generator between engine and gearbox offers short bursts of an extra 16kW and 250Nm, pushing the maximum output to an impressive 336kW and 770Nm.
While straight from the front it looks very much like the GT, it’s not a two-door add-on, it’s rather a longer CLS with a larger boot lid and a different interieur. The inline-six develops gentle power and sounds inspiring, but you somehow wish this powerplant would be in a smaller, lighter car.
And then you meet its evil twin. The friendly looking silver is replaced by menacing black. This brute in a suit is the GT 63 S. Listening to its V8 heart, with the typical apocalyptic AMG bellow, you already adumbrate what you’re in for.
While I was beating the bends of Clarence Drive in this impressive monster from the small Swabion village of Affalterbach, it was still the most powerful Mercedes-Benz ever built. Then, shortly afterwards, AMG virtually launched the GT Black Series, based on their very successful GT3 race car. It has an incredible power output of 730hp (537kW), compared to the already mind-blowing 639hp (477kW) of the GT 63 S. Surprisingly, the acceleration of the four-door limousine is exactly the same: 3.2 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h. Making this frighteningly aggressive luxury sedan even more insane.
Its a championship wrestler in a suit, doing a bit of ballet around tight bends. While accelerating in and out of curves, the only drama are the relentless G-forces on your anatomy. Thanks to giant brakes (the cars weighs 2.1 tons!), surgically precise (and rear-wheel) steering the GT 63 S moves fast. Very fast. It’s relaxed power, always more than you ever need.
How much longer will we be able to enjoy vehicles like this? Nowadays V8 relicts are outcasted more and more. That’s why AMG is constantly perfecting their four-cylinder powerplant range. The new AMG A-Class is a brilliant example for that. They even, wait for it, mentioned a C 63 AMG with a four-cylinder. I put the GT 63 S in Sport plus again and try to blast those thoughts away. It works.

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 53/63 S
Engine 3.0-l. inline 6/4.0–l. V8, twin-turbo, paired with a 9-speed auto
Power 320 (336)477kW and 520 (750)/900Nm
Top Speed 285/315 km/h (electronically limited)
0-100km/h 4.5/3.2 seconds
Price R2 184 000/R3 253 000